Byrd and the Bees

         If you think writing a Fairy Tale is hard, try living one…

Emotionally bruised from a painful breakup, aspiring romance novelist  REBECCA BYRD is further rattled when she learns that her father, whom  she thought was an anonymous donor at a sperm bank, is alive and well  and living in Scotland, where he is the laird of a large estate.  Rebecca, who is longing for a change, heads off to the “land of her  people” — and is quickly plunged into her own unlikely romance — an  escapade with more twists and turns than a Scottish country road.

Rebecca’s adventure begins when a swarm of stolen bees sends her  careening into the arms of GAVIN, a sweetly handsome Scottish man who  just may be the true love she’s always longed for. However, Gavin’s  startling connection to Rebecca’s past may put the kibosh on their  romance before it has even started…

Based on the International Bestseller in British Humor and Satire at Amazon               

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The Bet

                       Sometimes winning feels like losing…

High school senior Addison Smith lives with his single mom, Libby,  and paternal grandpa, Collier, in a small Santa Barbara bungalow.  Addison has never been one to rush into things – including relationships  with girls. Collier pressures him into a friendly bet: which of them  will be the first to find love. As the bet plays itself out in this  coming of age romantic comedy, Addison’s mom, Libby, is herself just  starting to date again after the death of her husband several years  before.

What ensues is three generations of a family, all looking for love –  sometimes in the right places, sometimes in the wrong ones, sometimes  comically, sometimes poignantly. Along the way, they learn, and teach  each other, lessons about love, life, maturity, and what it means to  grow into adulthood.

Featuring the directorial debut of Finola Hughes (Staying Alive,  General Hospital). A Community Film Studio- Santa Barbara Production.

 Won,  Filmmaker Award for Best Feature- LA Femme International Film Festival   


Life Matters

                       Life.Matters With Dr. Michelle Gordon

Life matters. Health matters. We matter. 

Many women in menopause and peri-menopause are faced with a unique  set of challenges and some have no idea that their memory loss, fatigue  or joint pain and thickening midlines could be related to their shifting  hormones. 

Over 7 days, our cast of 7 women will ride the hills of Mallorca with  only 3 months to prepare themselves. Join them on their journey as they  discover authentic Spanish cuisine and immerse themselves in Spanish  culture and the arts while discussing the issues that women face as we  age; offering solutions for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Life  isn’t over… it’s just beginning. 

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House of Business

     Do you have what it takes to enter the House of Business?

The HOUSE OF BUSINESS is an accelerator program for young entrepreneurs (ages 18-24) to help prepare them to launch a company and change the world. More than anything else, this show is about people, ideas, and building communities. This show will teach Millennials, one of the most desirable demographics, how to successfully build a business from the ground up.  

How many times have you said to someone, “That’s a great idea! You should totally make that!” What happens next? Generally nothing.  Many great ideas remain just that -- great ideas -- because people don’t have the courage or resources to make those great ideas a reality. And for those who do take action, most are unprepared and eventually find themselves spending their time and money on a dream that dies right before their eyes. Everyone knows at least one person who has tried and failed to start a profitable business at one time or another.