The Bet Poster 300x380

Sometimes winning feels like losing…

High school senior Addison Smith lives with his single mom, Libby, and paternal grandpa, Collier, in a small Santa Barbara bungalow. Addison has never been one to rush into things – including relationships with girls. Collier pressures him into a friendly bet: which of them will be the first to find love. As the bet plays itself out in this coming of age romantic comedy, Addison’s mom, Libby, is herself just starting to date again after the death of her husband several years before.

What ensues is three generations of a family, all looking for love – sometimes in the right places, sometimes in the wrong ones, sometimes comically, sometimes poignantly. Along the way, they learn, and teach each other, lessons about love, life, maturity, and what it means to grow into adulthood.

Featuring the directorial debut of Finola Hughes (Staying Alive, General Hospital). A Community Film Studio- Santa Barbara Production.

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