Extreme Golf poster

Drive hard or drive home…

The Extreme Golf glory days of the Dunratty twins came to a screeching halt when EVA DUNRATTY was killed in a freak accident involving a dinosaur, in last year’s X-Golf World Championships. One year later: Broke, depressed, and addicted to pizza, JEFF DUNRATTY, manages his intense grief by watching re-runs of the fateful game that took his sister’s life.

His world is again turned upside down when DICK PILSNER, Jeff’s long-time friend and former manager of the Dunratty duo, informs him of the fine print in the Extreme Golf League Contract: Jeff must defend the Dunratty’s title in the upcoming Saint Andrews Open -three months away- or return the previous year’s winnings- totaling close to a million dollars.

Aware that most of the money Jeff won had been spent on pizza delivery, Dick, with the celestial help of the ghostly Eva, commits Jeff to rehab in a convent under the strict supervision of its Mother Superior.

Through the help of Mother Superior, the Sisters, and a clan of Gypsies Jeff finds the strength he needs to rise from under the weight of the pizza boxes to begin a new life… and a new Extreme Golf Legacy.