LIFE. MATTERS With Dr. Michelle Gordon

LIFE. MATTERS With Dr. Michelle Gordon

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Life.Matters With Dr. Michelle Gordon

Airing on FYI every Saturday at 9am starting on July 2,2016!

Life matters. Health matters. We matter.

Get ready for some fun, adventure and drama. Tune in to the new docu-series, Life.Matters with Dr. Michelle Gordon, produced by QOA Entertainment, on the FYI Network on Saturdays at 9am EST/8am CST!!

Many women in menopause and peri-menopause are faced with a unique set of challenges and some have no idea that their memory loss, fatigue or joint pain and thickening midlines could be related to their shifting hormones.

Over 7 days, our cast of 7 women will ride the hills of Mallorca with only 3 months to prepare themselves. Join them on their journey as they discover authentic Spanish cuisine and immerse themselves in Spanish culture and the arts while discussing the issues that women face as we age; offering solutions for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Life isn’t over… it’s just beginning.

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